Paddle for your planet

Paddle for your planet

Thursday, 22 November 2018 13:42

The citizen movement #RamePourTaPlanète is gathering surfers from all over the world to paddle and express the emergency to save the planet. Rendez-vous at La Grande plage in Biarritz first Saturdays of each month until G7 summit sets up there this coming August ! And all over the world where surfers join the movement !


Rame pour ta planète was born in Bayonne during the Alternatiba Tour for climate and social justice in October 2018. Some citizen surfers, sadly privileged witnesses of environment pollution and oceans sewage, decided to show their commitment and will to act and somehow pay back for the wellness and pleasure a wave can bring.

 © Rame pour ta planète

Committed surfers extended to committed citizens

About 30 surfers joined the first edition including some well know locals like Gibus de Soultrait (Surf Session magazine co-founder and actual director of Surfer's Journal french version), Damien Castera, Justine Mauvin, Léa Brassy and Pilou Ducalme. They decided to go ahead and renew the exerience each month until G7 summit will occure in Biarritz 25th-27th August 2019. Surfrider Foundation Europe and local Surfrider Côte Basque support the action.

Paddle, alert, witness, exchange

The next Rendez-vous is scheduled January 5st in Guéthary at the harbor for #RamePourTaPlanete fourth round. It’s open to everyone, surfers who share the vision and values, kids, friends and families ! You can come to paddle until the ….. or come with your supporting banner.  Each #RamePourTaPlanete round aims to create an event that will hopefully alert worldwide state rulers which would be more efficient than just figure as another although imortant but still limited image and sound actions.  It’s also a way to gather together, exchange about environmental challenges and emergency situation.

In Biarritz and all over the world

Everybody is welcome to join the #RamePourTaPlanete initiative so each ocean lover can participate and take over this friendly and hopeful paddleship on his/her homespot.  So either in Biarritz or anywherelse paddle in !