L'enseignement de Natural Surf School proche de Biarritz

Natural Surf School relevant surf teaching

Natural Surf School relevant surf teaching

Natural Surf School relevant surf teaching

At the Natural Surf School you will learn surfing and ocean safety skills, while having great fun in the water. 

Maximum and safe surfing as well as respect and knowledge of the environment

Like any open air activity within nature, surfing depends on the environmental and oceanic conditions. While we hope to surf every day we never undertake surfing at the expense of personal safety.  Successful surfing is most likely to occur only when the mind, body and surfing conditions converge. Only then can one hope to achieve optimum results.  The surf school aims to help children, teenagers, adults individuals and families to become better acquainted with an important aspect of their personal heritage : the Atlantic Ocean and its coastline.   You will increase your awareness of our living ocean, and develop your marine sense through environmental education and physical activities.  Recognize baïne currents, understand how the tide works and forecast the weather and swells are a few of our teaching objectives, and all this having fun !

Most of the time in the water afetr few beach advises
Great beach breaks to lern surfing and perform
Surf theory appart from surfing

French Qualité Tourisme ™ accreditation : communication and smile are the keys of a sucessful surf lesson

Initiated in 2005 by the government, the french trade mark Qualité Tourisme awarded to tourism professionals trying to improve their quality of services, has been extanded to french surf schools in 2012.  The Natural Surf School is among the five first surf schools in France to be rewarded.  The quality audit is organized by independant controllers over 130 quality criteria.

Quality surf teaching relies on following :
- respect of the person and the environment, before, durinf and after the surf lesson
- fully qualified and experienced surf team, motivated by the educational aspect of their job, transmitting in each surf lesson more than a technical advise
- responsable attitude caring about physical and psychological security of the group and the individual while surfing
- quality, freliability and diversity of surfing equipments (surfboards for beginner to advanced surfers).

You can learn more about our surf camp educational project and eco responsibale approach.

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Share intense surfing moments with your surf instructor at Natural Surf School
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