Niveau de surf sur les spots de Hossegor Seignosse France

Surf level according to Natural Surf School

Surf level according to Natural Surf School

Before packing up to surf les Landes South West France, be aware about your surf level and swell forecast for Seignosse and Hossegor, then on site focus on the spot and paddle out !

What is your surf level : beginner, intermediate or expert ?

Beginner surfer : First foam to Bronze wave (according to French Surfing Federation EFS standards)
Never surfed before or only once in a while. Can stand up on the board in the white water but quickly falls. Big waste of energy while fighting against the waves to catch it rather than going along with it. The beginner surfer thinks it would be much easier with a short board without realizing that would be the worst option to learn to surf. The leash is seen as an real problem as well as the big board and the catching a wave is always a good surprise.  Because he (she) is not comfortable with the board, he (she) rather let it go away from him (her) than hold it, which is quite dangerous. Didn't spend enough time in the water to master automatic safety moves. Soft boards are indeed highly recommended !

Intermediate surfer : Bronze to Silver wave (according to French Surfing Federation EFS standards)
Has been surfing for few year at least twice a year for a week or two. This surfer is hooked and tries as much as possible to get some time off to go surfing. He (She) has a certain knowledge about waves, can understand surfer's jargon and master some surfing technics at least in dreams. He (She) knows about priority rules and respect at the line up. Regarding surf practice, he (She) can change direction frontside and backside in consistent white waters every try.  He (She) can control his (her) board in any situation and is able to say what type of board he (She) can surf and explain surf conditions of the day over the phone.  Last but not least, he (She) rather likes to surf an evolutive board, catch waves and have fun than being a teabag on a short board at the line up.

Take off on a  green wave right hander
Take a green wave
Slash tail or whaterver you call it
Barrel is king

Expert surfer : Golden wave (according to French Surfing Federation EFS standards)
Has been surfing for at least 10 years on a regular basis. Benefit of a broad surf culture and surf travels took him (her) to various surf spots to surf all types of waves (reef, beach and point breaks). Powerful hollow and quick waves are all good to enjoy surfing and challenge. He (She) is one with his (her) surfboard and ride every wave in style and tune (placement, rhythme, breath and manoeuvers).  Can duck dive and kicks off every wave.  He/she can also have a expert conversation with a shaper, seeks the "magic" board and knows the quote of the ideal quiver.

To enjoy surfing at every steps, be aware about your surf level.

You can certainly identify yourself in one of the above surf level.  You now have two options : join a surf course at the Natural Surf School in Seignosse or choose the right surf board and hire it to free surf Hossegor and South West France surf breaks.

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