Surfeurs de tous pays en vacances surf à Hossegor près de Biarritz

Natural Surf School surfers profiles

Natural Surf School surfers profiles

What type of wave can you surf ?  Landes beach breaks offer many opportunities to enjoy your surfing holidays but depending on the tide and the sand bank shape, the waves will be more appropriate for a beginner, intermediate or expert surfer.   In general waves are more hollow and quick at low tide so recommended either for beginners in the white water or expert at the line up.  Beginner surfers usually avoid the shore break (high tide).  Size and period of waves  also have to be considered before going in the water.  So in Seignosse and Hossegor, there are waves for everyone, but you need to find the right place and go at the right time.  If you need some local advises don't hesitate to join a surf class.

Surfing is a dream and it's good for your health, but be aware that surfing requires an intense commitment (body and mind) in total humility to surf a wave...

Landes beach breaks surfers : perseverance and variety

Surfing takes place in element out of our control.  We are simple passengers on board in one of Nature perfect expression : the wave.  Magic and ultimate feeling to be caught in the heart of it : the barrel and feel free to live surfing your own way...  There are as many ways as living a surfing life, so to be a surfer, as there are waves, but the same spirit glides over Landes waves and elsewhere...

Surf spirit and surf level

Surfing implies – on top of physical and technical qualities - a general state of mind :
-    respect Nature and be humble, care for water, waves, beach and planet.
-    be pugnacious learning to surf and persevere.
-    share to enjoy more.
-    be patient.
-    be aware about your surf level, about the wave you are able to surf and have fun !

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