Stage de Surf à Hossegor & Seignosse dans les Landes

Surf courses with Natural Surf School

Surf courses with Natural Surf School

In Seignosse and Hossegor down to Biarritz, the Natural Surf School offers a wide range of surf courses from 1h30 to discover surfing, to intensive surf training courses with 2 surf lessons/day or the total surf training immersion with all inclusive surf packages with over nights stay at the Natural Surf Lodge.  We carefully look at your enquiry and help you to find the right surf course adapted to all ages and levels.  We can also provide tailor made offers for groups, companies and businesses interested in discovering South West France through a meaningful surf experience.

Blooming surf experience : know your surf profile and choose the right surf course and surf attitude to progress

Our surf instructors are experienced and qualified and we limit our surf groups from 4 to 8 persons maximum per teacher.  Each surf lesson includes insurance provided by the French Surfing Federation and refer to french evaluation standards as well as top quality surf equipment.

Learning to surf with one surf course a day for 3 to 5 days long
As a complete beginner (or if you have tried out surfing once or twice before), you need to learn how to handle a board without hurting yourself or people around you, how to paddle in balance and catch white waves, pop up on the board and standing up in the foam as long as possible...  You will use soft, long and stable beginner boards.

We always start with a one go surf lesson of 1h30 duration then you can extend to 3 or 5 days surf course.  For young kids we recommand 3x1h (for 5-7 years old) in the summer time so the first surf experience will be in the best conditions.  As a family you will get 10% off on any surf courses packages for 3 persons from the same family.  If you come for a week-end 2 x 1h30 + equipment at disposal for the week-end will be the deal.

Developing your surfing abilities surf courses including equipment at disposal or intensive surf courses
As an intermediate surfer you have surfed for some time (few years of inconsistent surfing practice). You can duck dive. You can catch and ride unbroken waves but you feel static on the wave.  You will learn how to catch some speed to actually move your board on the wave and intensify your carves (bottom turn, roller, cut back) and feel feet pressure onto the board.  Video support will be a good tool to lead your progress.  You will be trying out different type of surf boards and will know by the end of you stay with us which board is suitable for you and allows you a good progression step.

For surf driven teenagers we recommend all week surf courses available like half day or full care 5 days progression : 5 x 1h30 surf course with surf equipment after or before surf lesson at disposal or intensive week surfing : 10 x 1h30 surf courses.  These intensive surf course trainings require a good physical condition.

Expert surfing : à la carte surf coaching
As an advanced surfer you have been surfing regularly for numerous years. You probably ride a short board or ride a longboards as a short board.  You are not afraid by waves of reasonable height (6' and over) and want to challenge yourself with different types of breaks (powerful beach breaks, point breaks...).  You are looking for surf coaching/guiding more than surf lessons to discover jewels that basco-landaise coastline has to offer.

If you know which board you need for surfing our quiver is waiting for you...  As far as surf tuition is concerned, we recommend surf coaching sessions : 1h audio, photo or video coaching, in a group of 4 persons maximum (intermediate surfing level required).

Surf training for expert surfers
Improve your surfing skills with video analysis with Natural Surf School
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