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Surf lessons with Natural Surf School

Surf lessons with Natural Surf School

Our surf instructors team have a permanent wish to offer quality surf lessons.  Long years of surf practice on Seignosse and Hossegor local beach breaks have built up a strong South West France costline experience ready on hand for your surfing holidays.

Surf lessons set up for all people all ages : experience, surfing and teaching entousiasm

Looking for quality in a surf school implies fully qualified and experienced surf teachers who love their job not only because it's cool to teach surfing !  They will be in the water with you and will help you to give the best of yourself to become at ease in the water and surf.  Each year we think about how to add quality contents to our surf courses, try new methods to stand up and increase our specific knowledge of the ocean waves.  We aim to share it with you and provide you with a better understanding of the local environment whatever the surfing conditions will be like, with maximum security.

Surf lesson organization

Our surf groups are organized by age (kids, teensadults and families) and surf level (from beginner - first foam level- to experienced surfers - golden wave level) and limited in number (from 6 to 8 persons maximum per surf instructor).  Unity of the group makes  better chances to improve individuals surf abilities.  Practice in the water is a key point of the progression.  On a general basis, feedbacks on the sand are shorts and personalized.  The warm up is not to be neglected and is adapted to the conditions of the day and people (body surfing, sun salutation...). It never exceeds 10 minutes.  Group and/or individual debriefing ends up the surf session.

Teaching contents and helps

During your surf training with us, you will learn some surfing related theory such as specific ocean environment and surf equipment knowledge, basic and peculiar security and priority rules, which will enrich the time of practice in the water and improve your surfing skills.  These surf theoretical classes will vary regarding the surfing conditions of the week and your own surf level.  Our job is to help you discover surfing or improve your surfing abilities and have fun, but also lay the foundation of a responsible surfing behaviour.
Practice makes perfect, but what is interesting to learn in a certified surf school like ours, is to have a follow up on your surfing progression that implies to assess your surf level.  For kids, after one week surf training courses, we hand out  a surfing passport which attests different steps in the surfing progression (technical, marine sense....).  For adults, the evaluation is done day after day with individual feedback.  For the regular Natural Surf School and Surf Lodge crowd  we keep an individual surf progression document.
Photos, video and audio coaching are currently used during surf lessons for expert surfer and surf training camps organized at the Natural Surf Lodge.

Choose the surf package that suits you best

We offer a wide range of surf courses from 1h30 to discover surfing, to intensive surf training courses with 2 surf lessons/day or the total surf training immersion with all inclusive surf packages at the Natural Surf Lodge.  We carefully look at your enquiry and help you to find the right surf offer.  We can also provide tailor made offers for groups, companies and businesses, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Natural Surf School instructors are carefull in and out of the water
Beginner to expert surf lessons try surf coaching with Natural Surf School
You will get both individual feedback and general group lesson information
Falling having fun to learn how to surf
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